Life Sciences
Product Engineering, Cloud Engineering & DevOps
BI Platform

Development partner for a large-scale BI platform for an US Life Sciences Consultancy Company

  • We have several teams working for a large international client providing BI for the Life Sciences industry through their bespoke web based BI platform.
  • We work in several areas to support design, architecture and development of the product by collaborating with several international teams.
  • As part of design & architecture we made several contributions such as enhancing the product to convert from single tenancy to multi-tenancy, perform research and development work to introduce new technology such as GraphQL, solve security issues such as secret rotation and management for production environments, design scalable job architecture to run background jobs in AWS Batch, introduce new services to encapsulate product behavior and concepts to easily integrate with other microservices.
  • The product consists of several microservices. We designed the initial CI/CD process and developed the Kubernetes deployment system in AWS EKS. Without early adoption of CI/CD processes, the management of such a large number of microservices which evolved over time would have been very difficult to support.
  • We we also designed and developed multiple applications related to metadata management and configuration management to reuse BI parameters and configurations across multiple clients and currently maintaining these applications to support them through continuous enhancements. These were built using python and core in the backend and Angular for the frontend.
  • Providing these various services requires us to process skills that involve creating UI mockups and functional specifications for new applications and features, building prototypes of initial proof of concept, present architectural design to convey and convince the client of potential solutions to specific problems and many more.
  • We also have several team members in the SRE team who are working on developing tools such as smoke testing tools, canary testing tools and performance testing tools and at the same time responsible for management of several development and QA environments.
  • Currently we are working with the core architecture team to redesign the product architecture to support a multi-cloud deployment to optimize cost and allow flexible release of individual components.