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In this success story please look at our work given below with different countries and feedback from our clients.

World-class BI solutions, customized for your business. Agile Analytics – Healthcare Analytics. Altis Consulting – Utility Debt Analytics. Bistech – Safety, Risk and Compliance. Macaw – Digital Marketing Analytics Report. MANAGILITY – Agribusiness and Farming Analytics & Planning.

In the Sales Analytics dashboard, I have used Smart Narrative visual and Tool tips for the chart to get the better information of the analysis. It will help your business to do the analysis and decision making.

  1. Current Vs Previous Trend Analysis
  2. Revenue Growths
  3. Gross Margin
  4. Net Sales
  5. Current Assets
  6. Current Ratio
  7. Cohort Analysis
  8. Others

Data Source: SQL Database & Flat Files

URL: Sales Analytics Dashboard


Transportation Business report combines OPAL tap-on/tap-off data from NSW Trains, Ferries, Buses, Light Rail & Metro. We use these data to compare public transport utilization year over year (2020 vs 2019). The aim is to understand the impact of COVID-19 on passenger levels across all modes of public transport, using 2019 as our baseline.

The common dimensions available in the report include Service, Fare Type and Transport Mode. A definition of these can be found below:
Service: Refers to the service where the tap-on/tap-off occurred e.g. Manly Ferry
Fare Type: Refers to the type of fare for which the tap-on/tap-off occurred e.g. Adult
Transport Mode: Refers to the mode of transport where the tap-on/tap-off occurred e.g. Train

Data Source: Web APIs

URL: Transport Impact Report


I have done another Analysis on Microsoft’s Project “Microsoft’s 365 Usage Analytics”. And I have prepared the Prototype of the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics dashboard on Power BI, which can be customized as per the requirement of the company or business for monitoring.

Following dashboard has been submitted to Power BI Community.

Data Source: Web API, Flat Files & SQL Server Database

URL: Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics Report | Data Stories Gallery


HR Recruitment Analysis Report

Data Source: SQL Database & Flat Files

URL: HR Recruitment Tracker


This report is to show the current state of Airbnb’s listings in London, UK & Madrid, Spain.

Data Source: Flat Files

URL: Airbnb Report


While preparing proposal in Excel or PPT. I thought that why not prepare a common and standard proposal for everyone in Power BI. Something New & innovative

Next I have prepared digital /dynamic proposal for the clients in Power BI. Where you can select any of the Models with any Top 5 KPI’s or more. Beside that Infrastructure and other details are also provide just you have to select anyone as per your requirements. You will get the costing in $.

Data Source: SQL Server (Database) / Flat File

URL: Proposal Analyzer Stories Gallery