Build a safe and reliable home for your software to serve your customers seamlessly, get alerted on possible downtimes and react quickly to unforeseen disaster. We are well versed in designing and delivering optimized and cost effective solutions in popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure & GCP. Get the most out of your infrastructure budget by using our expert cloud architects. Our expert DevOps teams work closely with developers to configure no-nonsense CI/CD solutions to ensure that your solution is delivered within quickest possible time. Our SRE teams can setup appropriate tools & processes to monitor your system. Our Infrastructure as Code solutions can create your infrastructure in minutes for fastest disaster recovery.

We can design reliable, resilient and cost-effective infrastructure solutions in the most popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We are well versed with techniques to analyze and compare solution pricing and come up with suggestions to reduce cost for your application platform. We can suggest high-reliability architecture as per your product’s requirements. We can work closely with the development teams to choose the right cloud services that helps to increase resiliency of your application. We can suggest migration path for your infrastructure from bare metal solutions to the cloud.

We develop Terraform and Cloud Formation scripts that can redeploy and upgrade your cloud infrastructure very easily and quickly. This can help add new capabilities to your applications infrastructure. It can also rebuild your system infrastructure easily in different availability zones, create clones of your infrastructure for development and testing purposes or help your system recover very quickly in case of disasters.

We can implement CI/CD solutions for your application in all popular CI/CD providers available in the market. We have implemented solutions in gitlab CI, circle CI, github actions, Jenkins etc that can automate builds, run unit tests and integration tests or deploy solution in your bare metal/cloud infrastructure with a push of a button. We can also design workflows & approval processes to move your applications through different development, QA and production stages.

We work with the most popular container orchestration platform – Kubernetes. We can support you from as early as creating efficient docker images to the last stage of delivering them in an ideal Kubernetes environment with all important configurations in place. We can design common functionalities such as metric collection with Grafana/Prometheus, log collection using ELK stack or apply common health checks as part of the platform design.

Our team of Service Reliability Engineers can help stitch the right tools together to reliably monitor & trace errors in your software and troubleshoot performance and reliability issues in production.

We provide teams that can support & troubleshoot issues in your production environment. Isolated production environment is ideal to ensure security and privacy of your data and platform. They can form processes and follow runbooks for deployment, upgradation and maintenance of the product and its production environment.